Continuing Education Topics

Linda has a unique blend of high energy presentations that are nationally approved for 1.0 contact hour credit for Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Licensed Social Workers, Certified Case Managers and Certified Medical Assistants. Depending on the state, other desciplines such as Respiratory Therapists may receive 1.0 contact hour credit approval. These programs may be presented in a variety of venues; within the health care setting, corporate offices, retreat, classroom, or through virtual means. Let’s discuss the possibilities…and schedule early, especially if you are seeking a program within a recognized week or month (such as National Nurses Week, National Hospital Week, and National Social Work Month).

2023 Most Popular Continuing Education Topics

  • Shine Bright After Burn Out – Coming April 2023
  • The Art of Managing Up – Coming May 2023
  • NEW – Getting Out of the Way of Yourself – New Feb 2023
  • NEW – Address the Sorry Cycle: Stop Over-Apologizing!
  • What’s Your EQ?
  • Self-Compassion for Healthcare Professionals
  • Moving Forward With Grit, Grace and Gratitude
  • Fearless in the Face of Crisis, Chaos and Uncertainty!
  • Navigating Ethical Dilemmas During the Pandemic
  • Business Ethics for Health Care Professionals,
    New Challenges in 2022!
  • Finding Balance in the Midst of Chaos
  • Moral Courage
  • Mindfulness Matters: Making Your Present Matter Most
  • Reducing Drama in the Workplace
  • Creating an Accountability-Based Culture
  • Give ’em the Red Carpet Service
  • 5 Ways to Create Stronger Leaders during Change
  • Refueling Caregivers
  • Effective Coaching Techniques during Challenging Times and Transitions
  • Hidden Agendas: Identifying and Managing Manipulative Behaviors
  • Infusing Hope, Trust and Confidence in the Workplace
  • Becoming the Most Impactful You!
  • Timeless Ways to Build Self Confidence
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Creating High Touch Experiences within a High Tech Atmosphere
  • Eleven Essential Qualities for Greatness
  • Elevating Assertiveness
  • Creating Stronger Leaders by Dealing with Control Issues
  • Breaking Bad News

“Linda’s programs help me in my personal life and professional life all at the same time!”
– Hospital Team Lead Social Worker, 2023

“Wonderful training! Very inspiring for my team!”
– Health Care System Case Management Director, 2023

“Linda is a great mentor and leader that integrates and effectively works with staff at all levels – from executives to line staff. She is high energy/high performance and has great skills to help develop staff by getting them out of their comfort zone with confidence.”
– Owner/Operator

Want to schedule a CEU event for your staff or your to referral sources? Contact Linda NOW to discuss the possibilities and availability!