About Censusolutions

When Linda and Tiffany met in 2015, it was immediate chemistry. Bonded by a love for adventure and passion for the senior healthcare and housing industry, Linda and Tiffany have worked on a wide variety of out-of-the box projects together. When the wave of COVID-19 hit the senior living space, they knew the industry was going to need a strong team to help it recover from the storm. Working together, they have helped providers maintain above 90% occupancy across the full senior living and health care continuum. Seeing the pandemic as an opportunity to reimagine operations, marketing, sales and partnerships has thrust them into developing fun, creative and integrated strategies that are relevant to todays customers, while forecasting the next phase of pandemic recovery.

Linda Saunders, LNHA

Linda SaundersAs a licensed nursing home administrator since 1984, Linda Saunders successfully launched more than 25 state-of-the-art specialty programs, turned around underperforming operations and achieved outstanding outcomes before merging two companies and creating the revenue stream that propelled a privately held company to go public. In 1999, Linda identified a significant need expressed by owners and providers within the industry for census development expertise that had an operational focus rather than the conventional “one size fits all” approach. In response to these requests, Linda founded Censusolutions and was quickly recognized as a high impact occupancy specialist by national, regional and free-standing operators nationwide. Linda’s tenacious strategies and innovative practices are utilized in hundreds of post-acute, assisted living and senior housing providers throughout the US today.

Tiffany Harding
Managing Partner

Tiffany HardingDedicating more than 17 years to the senior living space, Tiffany Harding brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the changing customer demands and trends in the industry. Having worked in a variety of capacities throughout the industry, Tiffany has a unique perspective from the lens in the eye of the caregiver, Human Resource Director, Business Office Manager, operations and executive leadership for sales and marketing. Working with both for profit and non-profit organizations, Tiffany has developed more than 13 specialized niche programs in the post-acute space across Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky to improve outcomes and meet market demands. Obsessed with research in longevity, healthcare innovation, and senior influences, Tiffany created Expedition Impact to take senior living providers on a creative journey outside industry norms and to guide leaders in stepping away from being a market “me too”. Her creativity and energy coupled with experience and determination, is the driving force that is changing the way mature markets experience senior living. It is these skills that make her a great compliment to the Censusolutions mission as Managing Partner.